Talking about green change, what we should consider is the fact, that there is a deep conflict between the agricultural sector, and the ideas of new production methods.

We cannot just decide for the agricultural sector to do this or that. The farmers are a conservative lot, and they need to be in the loop themselves.

It has come quite far in Denmark, and we are actually reaching some kind of synthesis of the agricultural world with green change.

Unfortunately, the new government seems to be totally inept of doing anything, so the development of this sector needs to be done with the EU or other players.

Things are simply not moving at all.

But if we can actually make things move, in other ways, there is a way to further green change.

It has to be based on the respect of all the farmers, and also on the ideas of agricultural products that will actually work.

So, my attitude to this issue is, that we need to focus on the bright ideas that are around the globe, and make them work.

It is almost there in Denmark, and only due on an absolute disastrous handling of the area are we not in conclusion.

Anyway, please, in order for this area to work, we need to make plans, that will respect the integrity and world of the farmers, and marry this world with new ideas.

G-d bless the will to find solutions to the issues of green change.

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