Right or wrong?

When I first entered politics, it was at a specific occasion. I recall it as it was yesterday, I was at the local gym, and I overheard two young migrants talking in the gym. Like, you know, listening to their conversation by chance. The one said, “you know, I think half of the girls in my club have been raped”.

It kind of struck me, and ever since, I have thought of it as my Wittenberg moment. It made me “stand here, and be able to do no other”, as Luther said.

I other words, the moral depravity of the utterance propelled me to where I am today.

Because, you may read a lot in the media, or blogs. This can be manipulated or false news, or whatever it is called. But to hear it yourself, then you just have to believe it.

I am reading a lot of Henry David Thoreau these days, the philosopher that is behind the civil rights movement, Ghandi and of course Martin Luther King. Here is a citation of his:

“Action from principle—the perception and the performance of right—changes things and relations; it is essentially revolutionary, and does not consist wholly with anything which was. It not only divides states and churches, it divides families; ay, it divides the individual, separating the diabolical in him from the divine.” (“Walden” by Henry David Thoreau)

In other words, if you do recognize that something is wrong, and you stand up against this wrong, then it changes the society all the way down to the smallest unit, the family. People disagree, are not satisfied with your ideas and so on. Nonetheless, that is what Change is all about.

Thoreau changed the world in relation to slavery, right. He looked at it, and concluded that it was basically wrong. Slavery of human beings is wrong.

Thoreau goes on and on about moral conviction, about standing up for something. Here is another quote I like.

“Oh for a man who is a man, and, as my neighbor says, has a bone in his back which you cannot pass your hand through!”

In other words, having a moral backbone is important to Thoreau.

Now, what about that incident when I overheard the migrants talking about the rape of the young girls at their club. What is really the moral content of that?

First of all, it is pretty clear, that it is wrong. Rape will destroy a young girls life, will change them for the worse. It will make them scared and will limit their range of freedom. It is, by all means a vicious and evil deed.

NOT doing anything about a situation where one is witness to such an evil act, is depraved and wrong.

Now, the Scandinavian states have long hidden the fact, that young girls are repeatedly raped and molested. The public parts of the state are actively downgrading the real numbers.

If you speak up on these issues, you are actively persecuted by the state attorney (here I speak out of my own personal experience) and you are punished with a range of other things. You cannot publish books if you are an intellectual, you cannot get a job that suits your qualifications. In my case, I have been hit with the “Mafia” method, that is persecution by the state in material matters. Add to this an infiltration of all that I have ever been a part of, including my family.

This is the sentence the public deals out to one who speaks up about the rapes.

Thoreau went to jail for a day. His comment was pretty cool I think. He felt free for the first time. Now, the modern states are different from the state that Thoreau had to confront. In a sense, it is much more depraved since it does not give me an opportunity to discuss the accusations at court. So the usual system of checks and balances is simply foregone.

There is no court for me, just a blind judge, persecutioner and policeman in one. No justice for me.

It has been around ten years now. That is a long time, longer than Thoreaus one day. So compared to Thoreau, it is a stronger sentence. But basically it is the same.

The children of Thoreau, Martin Luther King, Ghandi among others, were not so lucky as to have just one day at prison. They were actively persecuted by the state as well.

But that is how it is to fight a corrupted state, it is fringed with horrors, jail sentences and persecution.

What we however have to remember, is that it is about being honest, right? Having that principled mind that Thoreau and others think about. Confronting things that are wrong.

Raping young girls is wrong, and I will continue to fight for the freedom and the wellbeing of these young persons, until I am no more. I will not bend for a treat or a threat. Because it is wrong, and those who seek to enforce it or to cover up for it, are equally wrong. These are the new slave masters of the 21 century. The despicable, dishonest members of state, who seek to enforce more humiliation of youngs girls, and give them more pain.

This is who we revolutionise for. Not slaves of a slavefarm owner. But tyranny from a corrupted state, using young girls as cannon fodder to an end I actually even do not really understand.

G-d bless the will to be honest and principled and humane in the face of evil.

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