What Russia will contribute to the earth with in the forthcoming years, Russia will have to decide for herself. It is with great awe we look upon the amazing country so vast and strong. We, as danes, are some of the original source of some of the Russian culture, men and legacy. We still remember the great cities in Ukraine, these cities were settlements of Danes and Swedes.

This gives us a sense of shared identity. Off cause, with all the things that has happened after the cities of Ukraine fell to the Tartars, Russian society has changed, and is not the same as the Danish. Due to its size, Russia is also stronger and much more imperial.

I am worried about the war. War is coming, it is in the air, and I am worried about the outcome of the war.

I hope, we will be partners along the way; Denmark, Israel Russia and, perhaps if the will is there; The United States. None of us are, if we really think about it, interested in war. We strive for peace, and not war. But the circumstances can force our hands.

I pray for deliverance of the Rus. Let them be wise in thought and action. Things are much better now than before, but the path is long and littered with danger.

In the old times, when we were still vikings, there were intellectuals of the vikings. They were called free thinkers (fri tænkere). I think the basic virtue of a freethinker is wisdom. Wisdom is a complicated thing. But one thing is certain, it is a path between too little and too much.

G-d bless Russia

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