Social justice

Now one of the things that has been on the menu of socialism, is, and has always been the care of the weak. 

Unfortunately, this ideology has lacked serious depth since Marx took over.

Eliphas Levi was the original social justice ideologist, and Marx was much too squarish and without any life experience. Philosophy should not be a desk driven endeavour but a trial and error theoretical developent based on experience. 

Then if we really want to seek social justice, what might that then be.

There are two strains of thought with socialism, that we can hold on to, and that can perhaps develop the perspective further. 

One is social, the other is justice. 

Let us have a look at justice first. 

Justice is essentially law. Sparta, the ancient city of Hellas, that was the inspiration of many socialist was a law driven society. None was above the law. Equality was derived from a obedience to the law. 

So equality in the original sense is about believing in the power of justice. 

So as a socialist, giving adherence to law is a rock bottom foundation. 

So that mr. Biden is a friend of the fire department and perhaps of the police is very socialist. 

A good, uncorrupted policeforce that serves and protects is the very basis of a socialist country. At least according to the original sources. 

Then the other part of social justice, that of social. 

I have covered that a bit with the relation of Eliphas Levi. 

Social is about taking care of the weak and dispossessed. 

Lately it has been in the form of state intervention. 

To me this is a wrong Marxist turn. To me it is not about the system, it is about the individual. How each and every socialist think and believe. 

A system is not about the frame, it is about the belief of the individual. 

Levi was right in the sense, that he believed that social meant the adherence to spirituality. 

We have lost that faith, and finding that again might just give us the belief system we need. 

We should not sit in our offices and regulate, we should go out where people are and help. Be there ourselves, have faith in helping those in need. 

And we shouldn’t do it to brag about it. We should do it, to make heaven on earth. 

Thereby bringing a helping hand to those in need. 

G-d bless the wisdom of the ancients and France. 

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