Guys, we are in trouble, again, if I may be so bold.

Ok, let me be absolutely honest with you, where did this strand of “Change” come from, and where does it lead.

Well, it comes from a European Socialdemocratic tradition that has developed under the yoke of different fascist enemies.

My first political mentor Per alias “Tom”, was a freedom fighter in the second world war. He was a part of the tradition that gave us the freedom fighters of Spain and he himself had fought vigorously against the nazis.

Pretty cool guy.

I met him at university where I studied history at that time.

His version of Socialdemocratism let him to fight, and risk his life in the organisation BOPA, Borgerlige partisaner.

What he fought for, was a world, where people are free from opression, living in a democratic world.

So, when I initiated my own career or whatever you call it, I tried to look into the problems we have had with socialism as well as liberalism.

My conclusion was quite clear, when Stalin abandoned the democratic cause in the Spanish civil war, socialism fell. It is the component of democracy, the “republic”, that needs to be in there, to make it work.

And, another thing. Marx abandoned faith to make “dialectic materialism”, that is a communist idea without faith.

That takes out g-d out of the equation. Another fault to my mind.

Without G-d there will be no drive towards goodness in life.

So I wanted to fix these two problems of Socialdemocratism.

That is the basis of Change.

G-d bless America, remember. We fought islamic fascism, remember?

This has given Socialdemocratism a breather, and it is rebounding in Europe. Denmark where I live, it is all healthy and sound.

France as well, it is finding its way as well. A new fascist enemy, the rebirth of Democracy and so on.

I fixed the problems.

But in US, due to Trump, not to be mean to Trump, but just to state the pretty obvious, Change is somehow seen as a Trump thing. And the Socialdemocrats there are rapidly going down the old, sucking, corrupt hole that were sucking the life out of Socialdemocratism before Obama.

The Change that I and Obama did is rapidly evaporating.

Now, I cant do anything about it, it seems to me, that you guys have gone pretty far down the rabbit hole, and that is understandable due to all the trouble of the Trump presidency.

But seriously, taking all the good things of Change and ditching that as well. That is a problem, and it seems to me, it is actually accelerating into an even more destructive version of Socialdemocratism.

Guys, a sound society is a society based on healthy families living in healthy cities. All based on a small but efficient state, to help those in need.

A good, hardworking population that shares the same ideals and dreams.

The unity that heals is yet to be seen, and it is getting further and further away.

What will happen in four years, I will tell you what will happen, destruction, mayhem, revolution, animosity and lack of cohesion.

What did we dream about in the Spanish civil war? We dreamt of a society that was sound and healthy, a society with amble room for everybody and peace within the republic.

That and a sound faith in spirit.

Raise that ancient motheaten banner that Stalin took down, and you will have a good society, where people are truly happy to be in, because that is what it is all about. The happiness of the people, right?

Not your own satisfaction of winning the game, but he people, remember?

G-d bless the will to be a unifier and not a someone who makes chasms of disunity between people.

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