Ok, with the latests development of the Gaza/Israel stand off, things are really moving fast.

The rejection of the two state plan that the right wing of Israel has done, makes a massive shift on American power politics. Loosing a bid on that scale will spell disaster for American foreign policy in the Middle East.

Being rejected by such a strong ally is a very dangerous sign.

At the other hand, the Israeli high command, political as well as military must be cogniscent about the massive consequences a ground invasion will have on the power balance on the world. This could very well lead to a massive uptick in hostilities between east and west, and the war that is in between those.

But, I mean, we have problem with Hamas, that is killing innocent Israelis, we can’t just accept that indefinitely.

The only true solution to the problems, as it has been floated by the Arabs, is a massive repatriation of at least Hamas from Gaza to somewhere else.

It will hopefully end there, and not in a killing field. But if it ends in a killing field, we will just have to take it from there.

G-d bless the will to make peace as the ultimate goal of this conflict. G-d bless the will to be clear in the head, and strong in conviction of what is the right thing to do in the face of so many people dying and in harms way.

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