Well, thing have changed again. As it always does.

In the interest of Europe and the rest of the world, let us have a view over the battlefield for dominance.

First of all, new cracks and positions are held WITHIN the US. The army and the liberal part of the political field is not that into the current strategy. They think it is too vague, and do not hold the necessary complexity of thinking in media, future political positions, power development over ten years, development of armament, the strategy of our enemies and friends into the plan.

Essentially Trump seems to go for the short term decisions. Dumping the Iran deal may have some benefits short term; the admiration and happiness of the Jewish people, which I share. But on the long term, the loss of influence in the region and the wedge made between the US and its European allies and the loss of focus against the real enemy is a problem.

At the other side, Mr. Trump seems so intent on closing the deal with North Korea that he forgets that the real enemy is China.

Peace with North Korea is fine, but if it gives China free room and space to develop its own forces and gain in production, then the deal is huge danger to the American way.

To me, the main issue here is focus. If you want to have success in a market, you need to focus your bets. Look at the long game, and sometimes sacrifice an easy win to gain victory long term.

Europe seems to be a bit split over the Iran deal. The EU bureaucracy is very much for it, Germany also. But France and the UK are a bit more lukewarm.

To me, that is how it will always be with more powers jockeying for dominance.

It gives Germany a serious chance to win the internal powergame of leading the military that the EU is trying to coordinate.

At the end of the day, it will take time to rebuild the armies of Europe, but we should be serious about what we need these armies for.

We need them, at the moment, to fight the IS insurgency that is in Europe. Also the development of a huge minority problem with hordes of unemployed migrants and descendants of migrants poses a serious problem, that needs to be tackled with the adequate security measures.

But lets see, maybe we can find the tune again. We need to cooperate, but we here in Europe need to be able to handle our owns problems. Invest in security and be honest about the massive problems that migration poses to the security of Europe in general.

G-d bless the will to be honest about these things.

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