Sweden is in a lot of trouble. BUT it is truly possible to turn the tide. If Sweden wants.

First of all, it is about realising the MORAL content beneath the conflicts we are witnessing right now.

On one side, we have civilisation, at the other side we have chaos.

Not all migrants are chaotic, but some are. These migrants have different motivations for their chaotic behaviour, some are just mean people, others are POLITICALLY driven.

It is extremely important to categorise each problem and act accordingly.

Sweden is not weak. It is just off trail.

In 68 ts, Sweden went all in on American liberalism. A philosophy deeply engendered with some false flag ideas. Dont get me wrong, there were, and is a lot good ideas in the American tradition. Among them Thoreau and his ideas of nonviolence. But the Franfurterschool that came with the same batch was not good, and that is what is wreaking havoc on Sweden now.

What you need to do. Is to follow and especially follow Germany.

Germany has picked up my ideas of solving the problems with mass migration. That is repatriating all the non aligning migrants. That is migrants that are in category one or two.

Germany needs help in this process, and Sweden could team with Germany and work together.

Nonetheless, you have to do it NOW.

This is not racist or against minorities. This is FOR democracy. Because if you get too many migrants in, that despise the law and the right to free speech, then there is no more democracy.

Nevertheless, you have to move in a fast manner.

You can do this, with all your ability as organisers, and critical system understanding.

You are good at so many things, use this to save Sweden.

G-d bless the will to be swift and honest in ones approach.

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