Take it easy

Well, now that the election is done, and the soul searching begins. Please let us do one thing, as Alinsky says; we live in a democracy. Violence is not the solution to our frustration. We need to start discussing what went wrong, and how do we make a comeback on a sound basis.

We have made a lot of progress, and we still have mr. Sanders and his movement.

Democracy is good in the way, that it will change the system if there is great resentment, but without violence.

Let us keep it that way.

We lost, because I made a lot of theory some years back, that now comes back and beats me!

That is ironic, imagine being beaten by a former self!

Since I was the one plotting a lot of the theoretical basis that Trump is running on now. Remember I started out as a right wing extremist, I can say, that there is absolutely nothing racist or antisemitic about the basis I made. There are some bad broken eggs in the right wing. There are some nazis, that I despise, but mostly the right wing are comprised of patriotic, justice seeking individuals. They, or that of me that is in that camp, basically tries to find serious solutions that are challenging the countries. This time mainly Islamic State. But it is not a racist basis.

So, if we please calm down and use the energy to look inwards, and be critical to ourselves instead of mr. Trump, that would be good.

It is not the case that I think that we should not be critical to Trump, we should, but not with violence. That is a mark of uncivilized behaviour, and we are still expected to be the epitome of civilization. How are we to strive for democracy, if we do not accept it ourselves?

So please, take it easy. We lost, that is how politics works, we will get on our feet again.

G-d bless the will to accept defeat.

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