The Anglican church

Now in january, there is a synod coming up, where all the leading bishops of the Anglican church are meeting. This is a pivotal moment, where the Anglican church will either break or hopefully continue on a more happy course of reconciliation.

Now, what will do it? There is a huge difference between the parts of the Anglican church, and as the English empire broke down, there is not much to hold this vast Christian conglomerate together.

Well, there is one thing; faith.

The Anglican church, all its different branches has one thing in common; it shares the Anglican faith.

As the military and organisational wing og the empire has seized to function in the entirety of the Empire, still the faith lingers on. Just as in the Roman empire.

So, what happened in the Roman empire to leave the faith still ticking? It was actually the Irish part of the empire, in a part of Europe that had never been colonised, that saved the church. It did it, by building monasteries. It was in these monasteries, originally founded by the Egyptian Copts, but renewed in the Roman world, that the lore of Rome survived. The point is, faith is much stronger than organisation.

So, this answers the question of the problems that the Anglican community asks itself on how it will survive. It will do it, by enhancing the faith. By giving profound Anglican answers to the problems of the Anglican faith. By lifting and ascending.

This is the answer. The Anglican church should lift its faith. Be stronger in the faith, fight for G-d, help the needy.

That was how the Catholic church managed to do a turnaround. By appointing a pope, that is strong in the faith.

G-d bless the Anglican church.

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