The challenges after the second century

So, the political landscape has REALLY changed all of a sudden.

What is going on?

Well, some of the basic challenges of 20´th century philosophy is confronted by a new political class. The new right. That is Ms. Le Pen, Geert Wilders and so on.

In the US it is Trump and in Israel it USED to be mr. Netanyahu until he decided to go with mr. Smotrich and mr. Ben Gvir.

In the UK it is mr. Sunak and in the US it is ALSO mr. Biden.

So what does it come down to?

It comes down to a recalibration of the current philosophical make up, that has, more or less, been unchanged since the Second World War. It has been kind of degraded in the US, where mr. Adorno had a beautiful, humanistic, spiritual, individual fight against Nazism.

Today this has become Woke. That is what happens if you look too long into the darkness, you become like it. The virulent, race, mysogenistic ideas of Hitler has morphed into the OPPOSITE of nazism. That is a virulent, race based ideology that sees race mixing as the goal of its political aim. Same, same just with different outcomes.

Just to underscore it, I have absolutely nothing against minorities, Jews of gays. I however do not think we should make everybody Jew and gay. Most people should live in sound communities with great family values and go to either the church, synagogue or mosque to keep the families together.

BUT, we should leave room for those who are different and have either problems with their sexuality, or belong to a a religious minor trend as I do, being a Jew.

The majority should really remain in their sound villages and be content in them.

Then, this new trend all comes down to migration.

This is a trend that comes off of, again, bad philosophy.

It is really Marx, that believes in a borderless world, where all workers unite.

Now, that is a great ideal, and in fact, I have been rooting for that ideal for a long time. This is really what is behind my advice to Obama and Biden, to root for the blue collar workers, who have been left in the dark.

Especially mr. Biden has been doing this, and it has become a whole economy called Bidenomics.

However, there is a flaw in the construct of Karl Marx ideas, in fact there are a number of flaws in his ideas. Being his heir, I find it fair, to revise his ideas, where they do not work.

We are in the same line of Jewish philosophers who originate from the town Trier in southern Germany. Ok, I am Danish, so I am also the heir to Kierkegaard, who is the spiritual opposition to German rationalism.

But I RECOGNIZE my own roots.

So, let me try to explain.

There was a town, or there is a town called Tyre in Lebanon. This town is the ancient hometown of the Phoenicians. A culture that has spanned multiple millennia.

The Phoenicians were a people without an army. And they were extremely rich due to their prowess in the area of the mercantile. They are the original capitalists.

So their problem was, that due to their richness, the warring tribes around them, continuously raided them, and took their wealth. It came to a point, where it was all expected, and the Phoenicians, planned for it, rebuilding their town very fast, thereby the idea behind the bird Phoenix, rising from the ashes.

Eventually they became too tired of the issue, so they build an almost impregnable fort in the middle of the sea. Tyre became a fortified city that could almost only be reached by boat. It held for thousands of years, only Alexander the Great conquered it, and that was the most difficult city he ever conquered, and he was known for his prowess in siege fights.

When Lycurgus made the Spartan constitution, that is the blueprint for socialism, he knew Tyre, and my theory it, that he modeled the Spartan society over the idea of making an impregnable fort. Because Tyre was THE example of a town (polis) that had stood for thousands of years.

So he made the constitution to be 100% closed to outsiders.

The community (communism) was a closed loop, for 700 years.

So this loops back to the discussion on community. If the original example of Sparta was Tyre, and Lycurgus made the constitution of Sparta 100 % closed, then how come we have open borders?

This is due to the fact, that that is the flaw in the system. A community needs borders to work.

This however does not mean, that we have to be racists, that is actually a whole other thing in itself.

The left however needs to realize, that community and border are part of the same equation.

Now, the Phoenicians, were actually the globe trotters of the ancient world. They were everywhere. So being international does not mean that you have to be mysogenistic and racist. You however need to support your community.

A sound community will have the ability to open its arms for newcomers, but an unhealthy community will not take in newcomers, it will segregate into subcommunities of different variation. Pitchfights will ensue, and the trenches will be dug deeper. This is what is happening in Europe right now, attacks on migrants from the original people of the country, and vice versa.

The community is too weak to make any coherence.

This is problem that the citizens of Europe, wants the politicians to solve, and then that falls back on me, because the politicians rely on philosophers to tackle their problems.

So this is really the essence of the problem.

This again, is not a call for a race war, but a realistic analysis of the problems we face.

G-d bless the will to look at the problems we face, without falling into the trap of mud slinging.

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