The defense of Europe

We are now entering the next phase of the defense of Europe. The European states have, as usual, not done much. After mr. Trump tried to push them a bit on the war on terror through NATO, what has happened? In Denmark they have, after a long time finally decided to target….. Russia. 

The only conservative thinker that has pushed an antiterrorist agenda has been me. This has been accepted, but still I am held in the farthest possible distance to any real money, influence, power in general. It is not that I want that, but it is pretty symptomatic, that I am held in contempt, because they are not willing to do what is necessary themselves. The same goes on in most of Europe, there has been a small little surge in investment of military capability but it is mostly without any real focus. OK the European Union wants to build an army, but to what end?

What we need to focus on, which should be pretty apparent is the horde of IS fighters returning from the Middle East, not giving them better treatment than our own veterans. Imagine that. 

It is really painful to be a witness to. 

Me myself, they have, more or less, stopped the persecution. But there has been no compensation, excuses or anything like that. The media is still closed for me, anything that could actually make a life just a little better than living with one foot in the gutter, being terrorized on the job, doesn’t really seem to appear. 

According to my friend, it is because I am an extremist. Thank you very much, as if accepting massrape of women is not a bit extreme. Who is the extreme, the one who criticizes it, or the one who accept it?

My best advise to the Americans is, push on. The European laggards should be pushed to actually confront the terrorism there is in Europe, and we should not accept Denmark as terrorising and persecuting anyone who dare to speak up. It is disgusting. 

I know that there has been a lot of discussion on Britain First. Let me be clear, I do not know the basis they found their ideas on. It seems to me, that they are pretty vague on that. So I have no clue on their conduct, that is why I have not officially discussed them. 

According to my friend Melanie Phillips, they are fascists of some kind, and off cause swapping one kind of fascism for another is stupid. 

But that does not make their basic criticism wrong. Off cause a part of the Muslim community needs to be tackled and stopped from spewing anti semitism, hathred for democracy and so on. 

One wrong does not make one right. 

So, my advise is, start getting serious about these problems, it’s painful for the rest of the world to look at this outright treason of the European people. 

So can we please do something about these problems, on a sound democratic, humanistic basis. Taking care of the weak, who happen to be little vulnerable girls. 

G-d bless the will to see through all the fog, and be strong in fighting for those who are weak and vulnerable.

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