The devil

Tree Of Knowledge Of Good And EvilAll in all rationality and a Condorcet inspired view on the world is how we see things today.

This gives us the ability to move forward, because we are willing to let truth seekers have room, even if it is at a great cost to the nation states.

But throwing away all the lore and insight of the churches have also given us less ability to understand what is happening around us.

Take the idea of a devil, or the devil. This idea is something we do not really take serious anymore. But what if he still was out there, doing his work while we decided he did not exist?

There are some stories about the devil being a fallen angel and so on, this is more a story I think. The real devil is something else; it is the dark side of man and nature. The destruction, the lust for power, the joy of abuse, greed, all these dark sides of men, that is still there, but we have chosen to ignore.

The ignoring of the devil in the sense of dark side of man, gives room for true evil. In the old times, the KGB was thought of as being the most evil of all places, we still have it here in Denmark with the PET, it is evil in its core. No room for humanity or grace, just the cold wind of abuse put on all who are not in line with the ideas of the corrupted socialist state.

Facing the devil, be it in the case of KGB or PET is something we as humans and as faithful should be able to do. If we are not willing to face the devil and the dark side of man, because we believe that Jesus Christ did not do it, or Muhammad did not do it, I would say we had a wrong understanding of good and evil.

What we can discuss is the means. If we face evil, how long are we allowed to further our quest to get rid of him?

Are we allowed to take life?

All fighting will bring wounds to those who fight, and as a result, it should be done carefully. The problem however is the fact, that if you do not fight the devil, he will put harm to much more than just you. He will destroy society and the nation. He will abuse everything around himself bringing evil to man.

G-d bless the will to face the devil.

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