JuliusCaesarWell, the Vatican church are trying to understand the ideas that the current Pope Mr. Bergoglio has implemented. To understand the depth and the quality of it, perhaps some of the reflections that was behind it, could be a wise thing to ponder.

Rome is not just a Christian church. It is also the heir to the virtues and the ways of the Romans. The church is built on a solid foundation that should be taken into account when you want to change something.

If you do not take the basic traditions into consideration, the outcome will be much too far from the ideas of the Church, that it will not function. The method is therefore to look at the traditions and come up with a solution that draws on them, but suited as solution to some of the problems that is of today.

The problems were quite simple; lack of discipline. Too many scandals, actions to bring the church in a negative light. This is against the interests of the Church, and it can only happen if the clerics think too much on themselves and too little on Rome.

Rome is an organization of itself, and it will only work if the rank and files of the faithful servant are loyal to the project; to enliven and spread the gospel.

If the clerics start thinking about their own comfort and wellbeing, the virtue of Rome is plundered. Yes there are off cause some comfort that you must have, just because that is the effect of a well run church, but it should never be the direct aim; the interest of Rome should be the direct aim.

When discipline has been reinstated, and the rank and files are filled with good men, new tasks and new projects can be realized. But after the Roman spirit is reinvigorated.

You have to think a little ahead. Europe is falling apart. Italy may split in half very soon, and the chaos that will come after that, will be menacing and destructive. Here a firm and resourceful church will be alfa and omega.

You should perhaps already discuss the problems that may arise if and when the EU will fall apart. What will Rome do?

How may it help the transition in a humane and peaceful way. What if war breaks out? In these times of danger and calamity, people will need a savior, this is what Rome should be for them. A strong and humane organization, an asylum and a peace maker in a difficult time .

Look ahead a year, and see what is coming; chaos. Scotland is breaking away, North Italy, Switzerland and the list goes on.

Be prepared to give a helping hand and save those who will be in need; the elderly, the poor, the weak.

G-d bless the Vatican church.

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