Now, the Catholics have discussed a lot whether it was fair that I went into war with the Danish state over the life of my daughter.

I am not perfect, and I do mistakes. My mission is to make a better world, and most importantly, to fight for the life of G-d.

But there is a story behind the bitter fight I have had with the Danish system. A long story in fact.

It all started just after the Mohammad Cartoon crisis. The event that ultimately put Denmark on the world map. I had just written my first book, and as a Grundtvigian I decided to join the people in the fight against Islamism.

I joined the resistance, not really knowing much about the backside of politics. The organization I joined was called SIAD. Stop Islamization of Denmark.

From there on it took gigantic leaps, till today where the mission is on its way, and we are halfway at finding ourselves as westerners, Jews, Iranian and many more as people around the world.

But it started in a barn in the outskirts of Denmark in that little noticed village that housed SIAD.

From the beginning I had a lot of influence on the local political scene, but my style was very potent and I did insult many people. As I saw it myself, it was a matter of truth. I fought to get the truth about the calamities out.

Truth is a very potent weapon, but it is also a means to your own destruction if you do not take care.

The public reacted by persecuting me with all available means. Through ridicule, splitting my family into small pieces, killing my mother, and almost killing me.

Through the long dark days and nights, I held on to the faith. I believed, and I believe that light and truth is the core of all faith. And I believe in love.

After finding my true love. The style started changing. I suppose it was the good influence of my loved wife. I hooked up with my friend Barack Obama, and started the peace mission (influenced a great deal by the late pope Mr. Ratzinger). Barack and I fought for the Arabs in the Arabian spring, and we fought for a peaceful solution in The Middle East in general.

But here in Denmark, it kind of stood still. The public had locked me in a position of ridicule and silence. They call it; to kill by silence “at tie ihjel”.

This was what they tried. At the same time, they tortured me by taking all my money, making it difficult to get a job, and lastly to torture Rakel.

I had no choice but to fight back. Otherwise, they would have continued.

Was I wrong? Should I had given away my life to satisfy the evil minds in Denmark?

I chose to fight for my life, and for the life of my daughter. With the weapons I have.

Judge me on that, or judge me on the fruits of my labour. Which is the rebirth of the Nation and religion.

Joy, happiness, love, security, order, protection, justice and spirit in rebound in most of the world.

G-d bless the will to live.

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