Well, we discuss now the chaos and havoc in Ukraine. The new government have not really been able to create a serious and stable situation where all minorities feel secure and all institutions are made for all the citizens of Ukraine.

Add to this a tremendous success in Crimea for Russia, and Ukraine is in trouble.

The European Union have tried to help, but that absurd organization can’t seem to do anything right. Off cause we need an honest vote for all citizens of Ukraine.

If the East do not wish to be a part of Ukraine, well it is up to them. If the citizens of Ukraine wish to be a part of the European Union, well that should also be put to a vote.

This violent and forceful take over of the Ukrainian institutions is not necessary, what matters is the vote of the people.

If chaos and revolution is the aim, well then it should be because there is a better alternative, as in the French revolution. But not just to make chaos.

There is however the problems of the Soviet Angst. Most of the former Soviet Republics are really scared of being swallowed up by Russia, which is off cause fair enough, but that does not imply that Russians who wish to be a part of Russia should not be able to do that.

It calls for some serious diplomacy. The leaders of the different parties should stop making stupid confrontations, and start actually trying to solve the conflict by peaceful means, initiate the dialogue.

The problem is basically the EU, because EU is leaderless, so it is difficult to make an agreement with the EU, because you might make a deal with someone, and the deal will be altered the day after, because someone else though different.

Therefor someone should take responsibility on the EU side, and solve the conflicts in Ukraine.

I believe that it is most fair to give the citizens an opportunity to vote in or our of the either Ukraine, the EU or Russia.

That is fair to the citizens of Ukraine.

G-d bless the peace we should work for.

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