In the current situation in the European crisis between the EU and Russia, we are doing one thing completely wrong. We only listen to ourselves and not to the other part. It is called pre judgement, we believe we know what the other side might think or have as motives before we actually start listening to the other part.

What if the other part actually thought something else than what we thought he meant? What if the perception we had were actually wrong? Then we would base our actions on an untrue foundation.

In the case of Ukraine, I really think we should actually start listening to each other, and actually hear what the other part has to say, maybe it was not as awful as we thought?

There is only one reason for war; if your opponent is uncompromising, and he steps over your red line, otherwise diplomacy is the way, and the adherence to international law.

If we start opening up to a constructive dialogue, this could solve the problems of Ukraine.

We need to think of the needs of the citizens of Ukraine and not our own needs, in this way we can create a peaceful solution.

G-d bless the peace we will find if we start listening.

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