International peace efforts

The international peace efforts have had a serious breakdown. The current crisis in Ukraine, the stalled negotiations in Israel and the stall mate in Syria.

This is because the momentum of the initial Arab spring and consequently all the hope it gave for a positive democratic evolution is almost spend.

It has changed the world in many ways, but we need to be sharp on the final chapter of this progress to make the peace that was promised in the beginning of Mr. Barack Obamas presidency.

Diplomacy is an extremely difficult art. It calls upon wisdom, and it calls upon extremely ethical behavior.

This is difficult, but possible, there are examples in the past where charismatic and just leaders won over not only friends but also enemies.

Anyway, we need to wrap up the losses we have had recently and start the peace process again.

This time, we need to do it with the respect of all involved, we cannot just bulldoze over the entire earth and then presume that that will give us peace, it is not possible, given the current real power based on military and economic dominance for anyone single state to have its way.

Therefor we need to start talking sense, and stop the bickering.

First of all, the Ukrainian conflict should be solved with respect for international law, and the wish of the citizens of Ukraine. But at the same time we need to focus on Syria and Israel.

Syria is the most urgent, here we are at a stalemate in the conflict, and we need to find a solution. Therefor we need to start talking about the possible ideas of a solution. My idea has been to settle the current territories and make three states. One for Alawis/Christians. One for Sunnis. And one for Kurds.

There is the problem with Al Queda and the absolutely extreme warriors of this and that kind, they should be fought down.

But, if this can be a compromise, it should be discussed and settled as fast as possible.

Then there is Israel. First of all, we cannot travel down the same path as the path that lead to the Oslo accords. We have tried that, and it did not work. We need to come up with another solution. My idea was to reflect the true interest in the peace deal, that is the powers of the world.

Israel is not really the battle ground of Palestinian and Hezbollah against Jews. It is all the many factions of religion that sees Israel as an ideal and as a territory they wish to be part of.

This is why Israel is so important to everybody, and that is why people get so aggressive when it comes to the fight over Israel.

Consequently the peace effort should revolve around this issue.

The Palestinians are just pawns in that game, and if we do not make a deal with those who move the pawns, then we do not make a deal that will last.

The peace deal can converge over the visit by the catholic pope Francis. A push by the pope could draw the other religions in to a solution, he is, rightfully, very popular. Not only with Christians but also with Muslims and many Jews.

Therefore a combined push with both Mr. Obama and Francis, could push the peace process on to a good path.

The solution should reflect the international powers, and all should invest in Israel. This would ensure that there would not be reason for war, because who would attack the most holy of all shrines?

We need to get things right again, and get back on track.

Please see the opportunity, the unique opportunity for peace, right now. Use it for the betterment of man and the progress of all of humanity.

G-d bless the peace we may win.

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