I believe what we are witnessing these days, where Germany is in the forefront of a peaceful deal with the Russians is in fact a historic event.

Since the Second World War, the European politicians have mostly been weak and not able to put forth a vision that would happen on European terms.

It was a bit of a hangover after the five hundred years of dominance over the entire globe.

We have lost all the power, but now we are finding a new and much more fitting role; as a leader in terms of intellect and diplomacy.

We have lost most of the power over the world, but we still retain all the wisdom and skill we perfected over centuries. It is a bit like the Roman Empire, the organizations imploded after seven hundred years, but the legacy is still a part of our history and tradition.

We represent a view on things that is a part of the make up of most countries in the world, and people listen to that voice, because we represent their roots.

Currently Germany has seized this role, and is building bridges between east and west. That is magnificent, it is outstanding. We need countries to work for peace, and especially Germany with its losses in the first and Second World War is gaining a lot of strength in these moves.

A war is only absoluted by an act of peacemaking. This is what Germany is doing right now, as the peacemaker in Ukraine.

Europe is back, not as an empire builder, but as a strong voice in the international affairs. We will never again be the dominant power of the world, but we will be a strong voice for peace and prosperity of all those who have inherited our values and way of life.

G-d bless the peace we will find.

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