imageWhen you are a world leader, often this brings a lot of isolation and it is difficult to find new friends, because you never know whether there is a hidden agenda, or the new friend represent some kind of power player. It is difficult. But then there is often a possibility to make new friends with other world leaders, because then you are sure there are no hidden agenda, you really meet on an equal footing.

These friendships on an international level are very important, because friendships make it possible to make alliances and work together, not only as peers but also as organizations.

Thing is, you open up, and you give your most precious commodity as a person, your trust. This strange psychological bond is something good, and should be respected.

I know mr. Barack Obama well enough to know, that when he met the wise Franciscan monk yesterday, he extended his friendship and trust.

And I know mr. Bergoglio, the humane and loving priest, that this was accepted. Perhaps on this foundation, the love of the world can and will move forward, so that people will eventually share the bonds that strengthen them and give them the opportunity to reach spirit, because this is really the aim, ind the end.

G-d bless the will to find new good friends.

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