The difficult balance

Concerning the response to the very, very difficult matter of, how to make a kingdom in these days. One of the things I think is very important, is to find a balance between new and old.

Kingdom is old, and should not be seen as a renewer. It should be conservative in its very foundation. Preserve and support the Nation.

So the balance is, 65 % nation, and 35% renewal.

We can, and should take a lot of the new ideas of green Change, it is a good thing, to make a greener world. But again here, we should be careful. Not too much, not too little. Therefor the attempt at growing our forests is a viable path. It can be done in the many estates around the nation. And it is done, my good friend Hans, is doing it.

But the more radical ideas, are maybe a bit too much. We should be careful about too much wokeness. That is very dangerous I think. It will undermine the authority of the royal institutions.

We should be seen as primarily conservative, but to be open to new things, take the best, and support that.

So it is a very delicate balance, and don’t be fooled, people are looking very keenly on our actions.

It is a tightrope we are trying to walk and balance, and we should be very observant of the balance.

G-d bless the English and Danish Throne, may it live another 1000 years.

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