The dilemma

The new plans of mr. Boris Johnson of making camps in Africa, to send migrants to, has made a bit of a discussion in the UK. In Scandinavia it has led to an easter rebellion of palestinians, burning and destroying. So this whole idea, has had some effect already.

One of the main criticisers of the idea was the rev. Archbishop Justin Welby, whom I hold dear as a friend and see as a moral lighthouse. He is a good guy, no doubt about it. Also the bishop of York is against it.

This creates a division within the conservative camp, and lets see, if we can discuss this.

Morality comes down to protection of the weak. If you hurt someone, and you do it on purpose, that is wrong.

That is why we do not like the school bully, and have rules for social interaction. Law is there to protect the weak.

This is applied to the migrant, who are obviously weak. They have nothing, and nothing protects them.

At the other hand, the effect of mass migration to the UK and West Europe in general, has created, especially in blue collar communities massive conflicts of culture. Often spilling into civil strife of the worst kind. So blue collar communities are very upset with the development, and has therefor given their vote to mr. Johnson, since the socialists have no idea about their predicament, and seem to have abandoned the worker as a social group, supporting gays, people of color and lesbians instead.

This is not to say, that there is something wrong with being gay. I am just trying to discuss the moral base of the whole development.

So we have, in practise, a dilemma. On the one hand, we can stop the migrants coming to working communities, thereby protecting the workers, or we can protect the migrants, thereby putting the workers in harms way.

This is a moral dilemma.

The attempted solution to the problem, is to protect BOTH migrants and workers, by making a refugee camp in Africa that has all the facilities of a good refugee camp. A camp where the migrants can learn, have skills, and perhaps a route to a better life, with new skills.

This effectively solves the problem.

I know, that it has to work, in order for it to function. We have to see it in action.

There are many things we do not know about the project, if it will work. And we have to work on that. But we have to do something, otherwise we end up harassing and hurting the workers, who have no guilt, and we are supposed to support.

Leaving the poor working communities to their own fate is, in my view just as great a sin as not taking care of the migrants.

So, these are the arguments, and I hope, we can have an enlightened discussion on the subject.

G-d bless the will to be fair to all implied.

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