The dream

So, we need to discuss, how to find this mirage of a place, this “Eden”.

In the bible, it is described as a place, where Adam and Eve is living. But they are thrown out of paradise, because they eat from the tree of wisdom, and because Eve is not faithful to Adam.

The moral of the story can be discussed in many ways, but the core of it is, I believe, that it is a MORAL story. If you cheat, you will be kicked out of paradise.

This brings motivation to the theory, that the story is about more than just the mythology of ancient times.

It CAN be combined with the story of Sodom and Gomorrah, that is another story about ethics. Here the story is also about sin and evil ways. It is described how the angels of spirit eradicates a city state, because of misconduct and evil.

Again we revisit the idea, that the city state (the nation) is based on moral.

If we think about it, then the point is, and now, please you have listen carefully. Eden is based on the good conduct of man, and only if we are good to each other, do we create Eden.

Eden is a place, where good people lives.

That is the essential message, that the Bible or Thorah tries to get across.

It is when a system is corrupted by cheating or meanness, that it is not a happy place anymore.

So, essentially, the point is, Israel or paradise is created, through striving for a good place in terms of governance.

Both on a personal level, as well as at a governmental level.

This is, basically what the dreams of the first settlers were about, something that eventually turned into a part of the American dream. To create the perfect society, where all are good persons, and the system is so well made, that you don’t need law enforcement. Because everybody treats each other with respect.

G-d bless the United States of America, and all those, who dream of a better and more harmonious world. G-d bless the ability to talk across the isle, and make compromise.

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