The empire

How do we understand the current election in the UK?

Well, there is a classic parrallel, that might shed some light on the calamities and challenges of the UK.

In the ancient time, there was an empire. But it was a very speciel empire in the sense, that it never really fought any wars, and was essentially based on trade.

That was the empire of the Phoenicians.

In the beginning of the Phoenician empire, no one but the Phoenicians managed to roam the seas as them. They had amazing shipbuilding capabilites, and were to construct beautiful vessels of commerce.

Through commerce they became rich and thriving.

They kept very much to themselves, isolating themselves in citystates as Tyre.

As time went by, the neighbours of the Phoenicians, a small tribe of no significance, started abusing the Phoenicians, attacking their cities and burning them down.

Industrious as the Phoenicians were, they rebuilt their cities fast, hence creating a myth about a certain bird of Phoenix.

But the peaceful Phoenicians became tired of all the fighting and abuse, and created walled cities from where they could conduct their business. This stopped the eternal cycle of abuse done by the primitives in their vicinity.

Perhaps it is time for Great Britian to shed the shackles of the abuse? Perhaps it is time for England to turn its gaze away from the continent that has never given them anything really?

Perhaps it is time to accept that in order to be free, one needs to sever the attatchments.

There is an empire that needs tending, and as the Phoenicians, perhaps only through forging a new path without a stranglehold by Bruxelles, the empire will rise again, as the bird Phoenix.

G-d bless the United Kingdom.

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