The fight for Freedom!!

Now, as far as european rearmament goes, we need to look at a new concept.

But in order to do that, we need to look at where we have come from, and who are true enemies are.

Where do we come from?

We basically come from a second world war armament system, that Germany developed together with France and Great Britain.

It consists of armored vehicles, that can be massed and used in different ways.

The Germans were pretty good at this system, making use of the “blitz krieg” strategy, that is heavy, fast-moving tanks overrunning vast areas.

Then we have to look at the true enemies. Yes, I know that there is plenty of buzz about the Russians, but, we cannot use media spin as the basis of our rearmament. This is too important to do without looking carefully at the landscape of enemies.

The most pressing enemy is the amalgament of islamists in Europe. Yes, I know, then you will start yelling racist and islamophobe and so on, and so forth.

But, none the less, this is the reality.

It is mainly concentrated around the Muslim Brotherhood, an Egyptian organisation that is entrenched in most of Europe, and in Turkey as the main state sponsor, plus Quatar.

This enemy is very clever, and uses our own system against us. So far the strategy has been to overflow Europe with poor migrants, using them as attackers and to suck up our ressources.

They have to be dealt with first. No, this is not racist, my own father was a nice and liberal muslim, and I have supported Iran when they sued for peace, and I am the only one power who still support this.

I have nothing against Islam in general, but do abhor the undemocratic claim of the islamists.

Secondly a new enemy is rising on the horizon. That is China. Already the US is on it, and is trying to build a forceful alliance against the Chinese. But we have to be sharp on this enemy as well, not at least to help the Americans. They will eventually come to our help, when time comes, so we need to repay that friendship, as I see it.

So, en essence, where do that lead us to?

It leads us to two main areas that we need to invest in. 1. AI. 2. Combat drones. Why?

Because the Chinese are specialized in AI and communication warfare, we need to bridge that gap to be serious in warfare. Its called cyberwar, and we are already far behind, together with the Americans, we can close the gap. Believe me, the Americans will be openarmed for that investment.

Then because the warfare that we will see with the islamists in Europe will be a low-tech version from their side, that we need to meet with tools that is adequate.

Let me give you and example. In Israel, we have, for long time, have a lot of problems with the Gazans building tunnels from Gaza into Israel. It was low tech, but it allowed the Gazans to launch a lot of surprise attacks on Israeli ground, pretty clever.

How did I solve that problem? I did it by advising the Israeli military tech industry to invest in robots that would clean out the tunnels. So they did, and that worked. Today the robots are the scare of the tunnel builders. High tech solution to a low tech weapon. See?

The same goes with the infiltration of islamists in Europe, we need to invest in flying drones to help the gendarmerie attack and hold positions. The Americans have some pretty cool stuff, they can help. According to my knowledge, we here in Denmark are also pretty far in drone building and investment.

A high tech solution to a low tech warfare.

The two techs, the AI and the drones also work together, so there is a bonus.

How do we then go about rearming the European military? We do it, by preparing ourselves for the inevitable clash with the migrant areas. Instead of going in with only our valor, we go in armed with the best tech.

That will work.

There are a lot of added speculations to this strategy. One is the mixing of police forces with military. That makes for a new paradigm of defense as well. We need to integrate the two forces, but with respect for the traditional role of the gendarmerie, they are the ones in control. We need to respect their jurisdiction, otherwise we sacrifice the protection of the law of the citizens.

Its a bit complicated, but it can be done.

Make an army, to drive out the islamists, and other migrants, who do not respect our laws. At the same time, force the migrant countries to respect our wishes for a peaceful solution, and the takeback of their citizens.

There is one exception to the rule, that is Turkey, that has a very powerful conventional army. We need to be able to tackle that, especially if they attack Greece.

When all this is finished, we will have a battle experienced army, that can then be put into action in other places of the world. South Africa could be a candidate for that.

Then we still have to remember what we fight for; we fight for DEMOCRACY! And our FREEDOM!

G-d bless the will to plan ahead, and be honest about these things

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