The flow of Change

When things Change, they do it in a specific pattern. First there is a great crisis, then someone steps in with a solution, if the solution is good, there entire system goes that way.

Take the example og the fight between the Soviet Union and the United States of America.

On one hand we had a state that led by morals, or at least that was the idea. To make an ethical state.

At the other hand we had a state that used to see itself as a democracy, but changed as a consequence of the Soviet criticism. It became “capitalist”. The idea was, that if our enemy believes we are capitalist, well I suppose we are.

Still there was the overall fight between Communism and Democracy, but at the heart of the fight was also a fight between ethics and free market economy.

Now fast forward to 9/11 and thereafter the Mohammad cartoon crisis. These two crises were pivotal in the sense that at the first the US realised it had a bitter enemy, and in the second Denmark stepped up and put a direction to the fight.

So the paradigms changed. Before we had a fight between Communism and Capitalism/democracy. Now we have a fight between islamism and democracy with a spiritual twist.

See the connection? In the first war we took some of the critique and used it in our own way, in the second we have done the same. We realise that the threat is spiritual in a sense, and this has led us to rearm our own spiritual core. The Jews in Israel and the Christians in the West, add a pint of Thor and Odin, there you have it.

The course has changed, and we are changing with it.

They beauty of it, is the fact, that we only fight a portion of Islam and not all, giving room for a democratic Sunniislam to grow.

But to truly understand what we are witnessing these days, and see it in the long perspective. We should see what are, right now fighting with and for; for our democratic/spiritual values in opposition to a caliphate.

G-d bless the will to find the most peaceful way of fighting.

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