The folkpsyche

To be healthy both body and soul should be in prime condition. The body is kept healthy through exercise good eating habits and dance. The soul is kept healthy through interaction with other healthy souls, and through a connection to the inner part of God or Osiris that is part of man. In hermetic and gnostic litterature one defines three stages of personality. The material (the body) the soul and the spirit.

These ideas are very old, and has its echo in intellectuals as Jung, Herder, Grundtvig, Plato and many other thinkers.

In relation to the rape of the poor young girls, how do the person react to that? Well young girls are fragile beings, like flowers on the very first stage of blossoming. In a way the beauty of such a young person is in its virginity something of a miracle. Evil men are attracted to the beauty of these young girls, and instead of praising and helping the girls finding their way in life. They hurt them, abuse, kill their connection to all that is beauty. Leaving them as crushed flowers in the site of the road. Run over by meaness and babarity.

They are like brutes in the garden of Eden.

One of my friends is a girl that was abused. Her story is heartbreakening. She is now mature, but her innercore is broken by the barbarians. She almost married, found a nice danish boyfriend, but when he heard about the former life of the girl, he split. She is transformed from a nice danish girl to something unclean. In this way, she carries a burden of guilt and brokenness she cannot tell her husband. Because it would ruin their relationsship.

You can hurt a person on their physical bodies, wounds are what these things are called. The body heals itself in time, and you can use different remedies to help the body in its work. The soul, or the psyche as soul is called in greek, can be hurt as well. These wounds are called traumas. The healing of a psychological wound is a process as the physical wound. But sometimes the wound are not totally healed, and a person is traumatized. Unhealed. Torture, very strong wounds are unhealable. But we have remedies for the psychological wounds, there are different methods, based on different ways of thinking; freudian is the most common. In freudian therapy healing is done through dialogue. The wounds are given light in the conversation with the psychotherapist.

Therapy is very important to apply in the work with the little girls. But the work is hindered because the problem is not recognized by society.

There is both a personal psyche and a psyche connected to a folk. The folkpsyche is defined by language. Where people talk a specific language they are a folk. As a personal psyche the folkpsyche can be hurt and be healed. The danish folkpsyche was hurt in the Mohammadcrisis, and the trauma is not yet worked upon. The first reaction of a great part of the elite was to refuse the trauma. It is another function of the psyche, it can stove away problems it cannot deal with. This is a very dangerous method, because hidden traumas always come back, but in a stronger and more dangerous appearance. The collective psyche also has to use a lot of energy projecting the trauma on something external. It is called “finding a scapegoat”. This has been the function of DPP and Lars hedegaard.

As a philosopher it is my task to heal the people. And that is done by doing collective therapy. I start discussions in order to give people the possibility to understand the conflict and keep themselves healthy. I also offer modes of understanding that people can see as logical, thereby giving them an opportunity of a positive identity.

Right now I am pretty lonely on this post, usually the artist are my companions. But I hope they will come, we need to sing, write, paint the crisis we are in right now. Not for our own sake, but for the sake of the people. If we fail them, we fail our responsability.

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