The French heroes

The sixth French Revolution is on its way. I have sought this for many years, and since it could not come from the top, perhaps this time it will come from the bottom. 

I am a total fan of the original French Revolution. As I see it, this is the most important event in European history, ever. 

In this revolution, the people rose to claim leadership, and freedom was once again thundering on the shores of the new Republic. 

This feeling, the intent, the possibility was a massive win to Democracy, the birthright of all who are living up here in the North. Our system what was lost, and now back in a new and inspiring version. A combination of the classical ideas with the spirit of our ancestors, the Franks.

To make it better this time is truly difficult. But there are some things that can actually be improved on. 

The one thing that was lost in the first French Revolution was the myths. The epic stories of Roland, Vercingetorix and the other French heroes of ancient times. 

These stories may be stories, but at the core of the myths lie values, virtues and ideas that has been lost in translation. 

Many today feel cut off from their French roots. This off cause is due to globalism, but it is also because the mythology of the French ancient heroes were not the focus of the first French Revolution. 

This world of strong and noble men, women of courage, and heroes of the old, is a thing that must be refound again. The French thirst for a rennaessance not only in terms of freedom, but also in terms of selfworth. To feel French again with a sufficient understanding of that as something worth something. 

National identity should not be based on negative things, but on the deeds of those ancient heroes be it woman of man. 

Those grand spirits that sacrificed for France, in the dying sun they rose as grand defenders of France. 

May that spirit find its way into the peoples of France once again. 

Vive la Republique!!!!

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