The interest of G-d

There has been a lot of rumours going about, about why the West attacks the IS, and the motives behind. So, it was my idea, so you should ask me. Did I do it to foster another world war or have some psychopathic evil scheme.

Well there was a scheme, and the scheme was, quite simply, to combat only those muslims we are truly against. Not all muslims, only those who threaten us.

As they are raping and pillaging the world, it was and is also a moral mission. I believe in a world where people are truly unique and everybody respects the individual freedom of all men. It is called democracy.

I had help from a friend of mine, she is a part of the Assyrian, Christian minority and therefor under the heels of the Muslim brothers. As the Yazidi that was all but eradicated and sold to slavery.

That is why.

At the same time, I do not personally gain from my work. At the contrary, I can’t get a serious job, my wife is always sullen, as the secret police, and everybody else seeks to steal my money. At the beginning of the month, I rarely have enough to scrape by. This despite the fact that both my wife and I have jobs. There is always a bill that somehow miraculously turns up, and ruin my economy.

I do not whine, not when the police then tries to use my daughter as a punching bag or when we are not invited, yet again to some get together. I do not whine, when my publisher shuns me, the PM shuns me, even though I, more or less, gave him his last victory in the general election.

I do not cry over these matters, because that is how things are, if you want to illuminate the world. Truth will get you arrested.

But that martyr crown is a testament to fact, that the strategies I make are not to my or any other selfish advantage. It is to the good of man. I try to make something better out of my time here on earth.

Why do I endure all this persecution and ridicule? Sometimes I do not know, but then I pray, and I remember, that I do this in the interest of spirit. I believe, that, at the end of the day, it is what you do to make a better world, that will judge you in the end.

There is still one good person here, and I believe that G-d will redeem us, if there is such a person.

But I need you all, to turn around and follow my example, in the interest of G-d. Do not waste your life on selfish interests, do not waste your life on stupid and material gains. Use your life in the interest of G-d, because, at the end of the day, this is by whom and what you are judged.

G-d bless the willingness to follow the interest of G-d.

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