The light of Sweden

Sweden is in trouble, deep, deep trouble. I think that everybody realises this.

The problem is, what do we do about it?

First of all, there is one item of discussion that has some merit to it.

The idea of humanism. To be a humanist, you are entitled to one specific virtue, above them all. Enlightenment. You are, first and foremost, sworn to seek truth be it dangerous or not.

This is what enlightenment is all about, and that is much more important than care taking of the planet and treat people as individuals.

This is the problem with Sweden and the rest of the Scandinavian Socialists countries. The idea of searching and looking for truth has been dismantled in the tyranny of the minorities.

We have to be honest about the terrible things that migrants do to the native population. Otherwise we are NOT humanists.

It is a balance. You can only be caretaking of the weak and of each individual, if you, at the same time, are able to look at all moral actions.

The more freedom you give people, the more you must enforce the hard regiment of truth seeking.

Because the liberty of the individual will also give room for moral degration and outright evil.

That is why we say, that on the eve of the Apocalypse the terribly strong angel Michael will arise and blow in his horn for all the fighters of light. Fighting the sons of darkness.

You have lived in darkness, you need to open your doors and windows and eyes for what is happening in Sweden, as Denmark and Norway have to do the same.

This is in order to find out what is truly right and wrong in these things.

When you let people from the most war torn and evil places in the world into your country, there is a possibility that they will take their way of thinking with them. If they do, and start acting like they have done in their home country, they are wrong and evil. Simple as that.

You need to be true humanists in the true sense to turn the boat around.

It will be hard and painful, but humanism is not easy or a walk in the park. It goes against all that is easy and corrupt. It is painful to look truth in its eyes, but it is what humanists do.

G-d bless the ability to be free in thinking and understanding.

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