The macromovements

With the continuing focus on the negative aspects of the Trump administration, I believe we are missing the opportunity to discuss what really went wrong with our own campaign. 

I believe that I am pretty good at campaigning. I just won with May in the U.K., but we still haven’t figured out what went wrong in the American election. Pointing the finger at Mr. Putin doesn’t help us really. 

I believe that there is a basic reason we may have overlooked. We went too far away from the center. 

Even though ms. Clinton did reach for the center in her politics, her political career and some of the players she brought along were not centrist. Among them Huma Abedin. 

And then there is the fact that the electorate likes to change from time to time. Try something new. 

That has nothing to do with the performance of the party leadership. That is just a part of the mechanic. 

We have had a democratic leader with a rather conservative politics, but still he was colored in his skin. That was a big leap for many Americans. Having a female president was just too much. 

Americans do not like to experiment just too much. 

So they chose the closest they could get to the normal white couple. 

My point is. What we should consider are these macro developments that has little to do with the platform we are running on. I mean Mr. Trump is very much continuing with the ideas that Barack and I came up with. 

So soul searching is not just about criticizing the opponent in politics. It is also understanding the macromovements. 

Mr. Biden we could have won with, because he was the “normal” choice. 

G-d bless the will to have the ability to learn from our mistakes. 

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