The Middle East

The Christians in the Middle East are faring much better today than ten years ago, what has happened?

Well, for starters, I believe, that we have come to understand the depth of the historical situation. When the US went to Iraq twenty years ago, we did not see the situation clearly in the sense, that we have allies in the Middle East and we have enemies.

We saw everybody as potential democratic voters. This is wrong to me. Not all in the Middle East wants to be card holding members of a humanistic democracy, only some do.

The allies we have though, primarial the Christians, who were allies the last time we were there, in the time of the crusades we overlooked and did not help.

In a Middle East frame of mind, they are still our allies, whether we acknowledge it or not. They are our friends.

So by not acknowledging it, we put our friends in harms way.

Now, I do not hold a view of the Middle East as a place of war, on the contrary, I see it as a place of peace. So, we should not make attempts to make more strife or occupy land. This area is the birthplace of civilization, we should respect it as such.

That is why, I have proposed a policy of peace, but with a special attention to our friends the Copts, the Assyrians and all the other minorities of the Middle East.

This has worked to my surprise, more than I thought, and though the Christians are now still in danger, the conditions they are living under are improving.

I am still here, I see what is going on. And I want to thank all that have made this new process of peace possible.

The Middle East is and should be a place of peace, for all religions to live side by side.

G-d bless the will to do good, have good thoughts and have good actions.

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