The Middle East

The Middle East is at the brink of war, and I believe, that that is not a good thing.

Take it from the perspective of the Americans.

The US is in a war with China, it may sway forward and backwards a bit. But there is no doubt, that the show down is neering. It is simply not possible to have two super global powers just besides each other with no conflict.

So, there is a problem with the Chinese.

Looking at its virtues, the Chinese are extremely well organized, has an ancient culture, and has no problem with getting ressources with foul methods. The last virtue is a bit of a vice, but seen in the great power game, ruthlessness and efficiency getting ressources is a good thing.

At the other hand, China is not traditionally a fighting power. It does not, as Japan, have a tradition for military conflict. It has a tradition for defense, but over the time China has develop due to the conqerours who have taken China and defined the trajectory of the country.

It is, for good or worse, a static culture, that does not like to either develop through conquest or inspiration.

This has changed however in the later years, and China has developed through copying European traditions, especially British traditions.

So we are looking at a behemoth of the power, that has to be tackled by the West.

The US has woken up to this threat quite early, due to the work of Mr. Barack Obama, and has tried to find a way to fight China.

Late Mr. Trump has done so also. Economic warfare will off cause bring some progress, but it will end up in physical warfare sooner or later. So getting the country into that gear is pretty important.

We have wasted some time not being sufficiently agressive, but the next president will have to work and fix this challenge.

But that ties into the Middle Eastern conflict. Fighting on two fronts is pretty stupid. So using a lot of ressources in the Middle East right now, is not a good strategy. We need them in Asia.

Therefor, the course towards peace in the Middle East, is the best seen from the perspective of the US.

Then we have Israel.

Is it in the interest of Israel to fight Iran?

Well on some levels it actually is. Due to this conflict, a tight and good relationship to the Arab world has developed.

We have more friends now. Consequently, we are more at peace. It even ties into the Gaza conflict, where the Arabs are ok with abandoning Hamas, if they can work on Iran.

At the other hand, war is terrible. In terms of human lives and suffering, war is always terrible.

That is why, I have actually argued for a redemption and a plan of peace.

We in Israel shoud not be the harbingers of destruction. We should be the peacemakers.

I know, that sometimes war is inevitable. If that is so, war should be done as fast and humanely possible.

So, all in all. I do hope, that we can talk peace in the Middle East, because, honestly, that is all the best.

G-d bless the Middle East.

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