The Middle East

The world is turning a lot these days, and one of the main places where things Change is the Middle East.

Since trump took over, not much has really happened in the Middle East, yes I know that mr. Netanyahu has attacked Iran, but it has been a pretty one sided action from Israel towards Iran, and not very much the other way.

Don’t get me wrong, I believe in the advent of a safe haven for Israel, after all, where would I go myself if things ever got more hairy here in Denmark for me.

So the whole mission of making a safe zone for Jews is, without discussion, the most important for any Jew, period.

But be as it may, there are many roads to peace.

When Barack and I left the Middle East four years ago, the framework for how things are today were pretty much in place. The Arabs were warming up to Israel, and actually even though it was a pretty one sided deal, the Iranians agreed to a peace accord concerning atomic warheads.

This has not changed much, only the fact, that the Arab world has recognized the whole process and has become friends of Israel.

There is just the one fact that Israel needs to be realistic about. The whole peace process is not really a process initiated by Trump, it was initiated by Obama and me.

So the framework rests on the foundation we laid out, which is the whole idea and vision of the great Lawrence of Arabia. That a recognition of the valiant desert warriors of the sand and the homecoming merchants of the Jewish tribe would find some common ground.

But at the very heart of the deal lies the fact that both I and Obama had Muslim fathers.

For me, I have a Jewish mother of sorts, at least the Jewishness of my family that goes back to the founder of my mothers family Mendel Levin Nathanson, I have a kind of dual background.

That is the bedrock of the deal, not Trump, not anything else, but the fact that there is a true Jewish leader with a paternal Muslim background. It makes the Arabs trust us, right?

So, looking at the peaceprocess coming up, my recommendation would be, at least for Israel, to be realistic about these circumstances. The day I fall, the war will start again. I am the keeper of the peace, and due to my doublebackground it is possible.

You guys need to keep me working, otherwise war will start again.

At the other hand, concerning Iran. Going 180% and reinstall the JPOAC, would be hazardous. Mr. Netanyahu has tied so much political capital in keeping Iran at bays, that we cannot, without loosing mr. Netanyahu just gong ho peace accord again.

We need to test the waters, and hear mr. Netanyahu out. He needs to be in the loop.

So that is the lay of the land, add to this the rising conflicts in Europe, you have a difficult game to play. But if we look at it from outside, we can find peace, if we are realistic and honest about these issues, and not least have a realistic and profound strategy.

That is what this phase is about, trying to figure out the boundaries of the conflict, and where they may lay.

For me, it is about being a player in the Middle East again, that is what my understanding is about.

G-d bless the will to find a smart and honest solution to these problems, G-d bless the stat of Israel, the safe haven of the Jews.

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