The Middle East

The European nations and the United States of America is seeking to forge a so-called peace solution in and around Gaza. First of all, the very premise the so-called peace solution is made on, is the premise, that Israel is the aggressor, and the Gazans are the victims.

Come on, after all the manipulation of western media and political systems, after using their own children as cannon fodder, after attacking innocent Jews in synagogues, the Palestinians are victims?

Gaza is and will always be a proxy for the different enemies of Israel, and only if you make peace with these enemies will the conflict in Gaza stop. As with the Arab nations and Iran.

If we use all our sparse political capital on the Palestinians, how are we supposed to use it on other problems and difficulties?

Then taking Hamas of the terrorlist is just another step, that makes at least Europeans look like fools. Everybody in the Middle East knows, that they are as far from democracy as you can possibly get, and yes, they are terrorists.

There is this wonderful cinematic movie, that really describes the fallacy of Western imperialism, but also the twist of it. In the film Avatar western backed military tries to destroy an ancient civilization with no understanding of the culture it meets. The mechanical firepower is so devastating that the poor Avatars with their bows and arrows cannot defend themselves. At the same time a western warrior is accepted in the midst of the tribe, but off cause with reservation. He gains an insight into the tribal culture and manages to understand it on its own terms, and begin to see the beauty of it.

This story is a reflection of T.S. Lawrence and his deep understanding, and consecutive embedding into the Arab culture. He truly understood the Middle East on its own premises.

But all to no avail, when the Arabs had won their freedom, with the help of Lawrence, they were betrayed by the colonial forces anyway.

This is the experience the Middle East has of the West. Some truly understands them, others do not, and are just elephants in the boutique of drinking glasses.

So, they like and respect our learning, but they have the experience that learning and power seldom goes hand in hand with us.

So, how do they look upon the Middle East project that is launched by the EU right now, recognizing Hamas. Is that the mechanized brute, or the learned scholar speaking of the West?

They know the brute, because the brute is always cunning, not to rely on, corrupt. So, they naturally, as is true, see the EU as the brute. Somehow they have managed to turn the brute on its own people, but it is still the brute, and they see it for what it is; a dominating, seducing, manipulating, evil force.

Would the grand and ancient civilization that gave us most of what we know of as civilization today listen to the brute? Well if it can serve its own purposes, but not because the brute has any valid points. In other words, if the Avatar can manipulate the brute it will, otherwise it would fight it to get rid of it.

This is why the whole idea of the EU going into the Middle East to “negotiate” is never going to work. The US has some leverage and power due to its good actions it has done in the past. The EU has not, it burned its bridges after the first world war.

G-d bless the Middle East and may we find true, true peace.

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