The Middle East

The Middle East is changing due to the fact, that Mr. Trump has become president, and we have new players as Mr. Macron.

This is not the first time, that the battlefield changes, but the priorities remain the same, more or less.

First of all, everybody wants peace, but on their own terms. The west wants a more democratic development, the East wants to fortify and solidify its presence.

In the middle we have rogue powers everybody wants to beat, and that unites the two wings, that is Islamic state, that has won an independent status.

It all comes down to Syria, that is the problem right now. That is, there are other fights going on, but because Syria is the last pearl on the string of states Barack and I tried to make democratic in the Arab spring, everybody is involved. Actually Yemen is much worse in terms of warfare and fighting, but that is a feud between Sunni and Shia, so the great powers are not that much involved.

To zoom back to the initial mission, that of spreading democracy in the Middle East. We need to see the fight in this light, I believe.

So seen from a Western perspective, we hope to spread democracy.

How do we do that?

Democracy rests on individual peoples. That is, the Kurds for instance, they are a people, they have taken up the Democratic cause, so they are prime allies to the West.

Mr. Assad is a protector of the Alawite, and a Herdian democratic believer.

There are other factions in Syria, but seen from the perspective of the West, the most probable course of action, to me, is to split the country into ethnic factions, so that each people has a country of their own.

In this country, we off cause need to see a civilized and democratic development.

The whole problem in the Middle East right now is the split of territory that the Western powers made after the first world war. It did not follow any lines of peoples, but was a haphazard and random split. Lawrence of Arabia wanted something else, he wanted the Middle East to be governed by the peoples there. He also had the knowledge of the roots of these peoples, and his plan would have been much better than the plan that was set in action.

Instead of drawing lines on the map. Look at people, give them a home and a place of their own. Somewhere where they can develop peacefully and with control of their own means.

That will give the Middle East some peace.

G-d bless the will to find peace again.

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