The new world order

I believe we have come to at point, where we can safely say, that the West will prevail. Before Obama, there was serious doubt about the outcome, and there was a very real possibility, that the entire structure of the West, or rather the remaining structure of the British empire would collapse. That is the U.S., Australia, New Zealand and what remains of power in the Asian sea. With the intellectual turn around made first by Barack Obama and now by David Cameron, we are not standing by the edge of doom anymore, but are slowly progressing along a line of consolidation and progress. You can see it in the expanding role UK is playing worldwide and in the string of successes Barack Obama has had in his tenure. As ACDC would have said, ITS ROCK! Our values are respected again, we are in an economic balance again. Not so much the UK, still a lot of hurdles to get over, but we are getting there. If you add to this the progress of South America, that is truly the positive result of his eminence pope Francis, basically European culture is getting fit and working its way out of the misery it was in.

So we the are entering a phase of consolidation. The groundwork has been done, and we need to strengthen the institutions and ideological work that is the bone and marrow of our work.

This process however is not a fast process, it will take hundreds and hundreds of years and will end up another phase of our humanitarian development reaching for progress and G-d.

When we had the war between the Catholics and Protestants, that defined the 15′ century and 16′ century, it started with a bang, and went on for almost two hundred years. Still goes on in a way, especially in England, where it was never really settled. But, this is how human development goes, it starts with a revolution, and then carries on for hundreds and hundreds of years.

I will be the Voltaire, Barack will be the Napoleon.

What we are looking at however is a grinding war between the different perspectives, especially the war against IS will be a long one, they are good and entrenched. They are pretty locked up in Europe, and we haven’t even begun the process of fighting them on European soil, mainly because the European Union, a relic of the old world order, is very slow at dying, taking away focus from this all important task.

But it will die eventually, the question is just how and when, and how much destruction it will manage to do before it is over.

Remember, to have peace, you have to be able and willing to fight. The question is just with what means and to what ends. It has to be humane and cost the least amount of bloodshed and give the minimum pain to those involved.

Putting our forces in harms way is not something we should do lightly, and the ethical reasons should be sound and honest.

This calls for humility and seriousness.

G-d bless all those who are risking their lives, daily to keep our world safe, democratic and under the guidance of the creator.

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