The Open world

There are a lot of things going on in the US right now, and many worry about it. Which is off cause both natural and good.

But as one of those, who have forged some of the ideas of the development, I am not worried, on the contrary, I believe, that what we are seeing is essentially a vibrant democracy in action, and not a tyranny coming into form, why?

Because the reason why mr. Donald Trump is so unpopular, is because he has tried to root out the corruption of the higher echelons of society. That is, in all its simplicity and daring, a great service to Democracy.

Yes, I know that there was the desecration of Capitol Hill by someone who saw themselves as Trump supporters, but at the end of the day, what really matters is his fight against the corruption of American Society; Weinstein, Epstein and all of these disgusting corrupt individuals of the rich class.

Why is that so important, well it is really the bane of any Democracy to be corrupted, this was what felled the Roman Republic, and in a sense was detrimental to the UK in the sixties.

Bible abiding, law abiding, families are the core of the Republic, and if they fight against some kind of corruption, namely that of child abuse and other kinds of abuse, well, that is good.

In all this tumult, one perhaps need to understand what really created Donald Trump. Mr. Donald Trump is a creation of the internet. Q Anonymous, that is a unity of the right and left wing internet warriors and seekers of light, are his creators. These guys were born with the internet, and baptized in the light of the understanding of how and where corruption is and was. So they sought a champion to wage their war against that corruption.

That is not going away, why? Because essentially these guys are the heirs to the whole idea behind the internet, that of open communication in a computer network. An idea coined by the likes of Niels Bohr and others of his postwar generation. The idea is, that if we live in an open world, war is less apt to happen, as theorized by mr. Niels Bohr in his famous letter to the UN, where he called for an open world after the Second World War.

Yes I know that the big tech giants seem to feel that they start owning the internet, but they don’t, and they never will.

All the mechanics of internet control via Facebook and the other Social media platforms, will never again stop the opportunity of the true seeker to know truth.

So, people in power now worry much more about getting caught, and that makes the world better and less corrupt.

I am not picking sides in this conflict, and be as it may, somehow I have become that defender of Democracy that Plato envisioned as an integral part of Democracy.

It needed an open internet network so make a basis that I can work on, but now I am truly free to defend our Democratic ideas.

Rooting out moral corruption being the most important task, and mr. Trump did just that.

So, please, from the mouth of Plato, and his plea to all who believe in Democracy, look at what is important for the Republic. It is to be honest, true and just in a world of self interest.

If we learn that from the presidency of mr. Trump, we have learned an important lesson, and we choose to do it ourselves.

Forget about the censorship, and anger and keep faith in the open source.

G-d bless the will to be faithful to Openness.

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