The path of goodness

I have been reflecting a bit on the ethical stance of the renewed Democratic Party. Why is it so important?

There are several reasons. First of all, because being a good person, is in itself important. Goodness or the ability to serve G-d on this green earth, is an imperative for us all. But there are other more technical arguments behind a striving for good. Democracy has, as its most difficult flaw, a very corrupting influence. The backdoor dealings, the power, the endless compromise corrupts people. 

Here it is very important for me, as a philosopher, to warn people, and try to pull people away from that corruption. That is my designated role in a Democracy, the guardian role. 

According to the Ancient Greek scriptures, the danger is, that a tyrant will overtake Democracy if we are not careful, because people get so tired about all the moral corruption, that they elect a tyrant. 

This is the phase we are in right now, or rather Mr. Barack Obama tried to be a good person and wheel things around. With succes I should say. 

But we need to continue this striving for moral clear sight. Otherwise we may lose our Democracy.

This is not to put blame on Mr. Trump. He has actually been ok, and done something we did not have the nerve to do. I do not know about the Comey case, but lets see what happens. 

But, I believe, that it is really important, that we look at the ethical basis of our great Nation, and try to live up to those values that our predecessors gave us.

Instead of cheating and making backdoor deals, we should do our best, and start being honest. Honest to the people, and to ourselves. 

But we should not stop there, we should also be good persons all in all, be brave, humble, work hard, help others in need, protect the weak, share, make an equal world and all that is good in this world. 

That is the true path we should walk, the path of goodness.

G-d bless the will to do good.

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