The police

Well, it is to me clear, that there are different trends within Europe, one is the pro democratic, antiislamistic trend. It sees human rights tread upon by the muslim militants, and fight to see humanism and good order restored. The other trend is a violent and propagandistic trend, where all criticism against Islam, being the most innocent kind is attacked by all who are state sponsored and the cultural elite. This smacks of totalitarian methods and is most prevalent in the countries that are traditionally unfree.

So you have Sweden, Germany and Holland in one end, and France, Great Britain and Denmark in the other end.

But the two trends are really intermixed in each country. There are elements of persecution of people who defy the islamic conquest, and elements of democracy and freedom as well. These two trends seem to collide on numerous occasions, and this is really what makes us weak. We are fighting ourselves because of our own cowardice. Because this is really what it all is. If we had the courage to look the dragon in the eyes, we would not have the urge to start trampling those who are able to look the dragon in the eyes. We would all look the dragon in the eyes, and see it for what it is.

There is a huge recognition of the failure of the police in the Charlie Hebdo case. Well, seen from a Danish perspective, and truly we are very much in the liberal camp, the police is acting directly against all those who criticize Islam. From me, to my friend Uwe, to Lars Hedegaard, to my friend Firoozeh. We are all totally exposed, the secret police seek to, with different means to force us out of the debate. From using agents to ruin our families, over the Capone method (using the tax system to take our money), to torturing our children. So you want the police to protect us, while they are doing all the can to either kill us or at least stop our voices?

To me this seems to be a bit of a contradiction.

When we are unprotected, off cause this makes it easy to kill us, as has happened numerous times, especially in Holland, and now in France. And do not think it is by coincidence, the police knows everything about security, remember, this is their profession.

I will give you and example. The Danish cartoonist, that made the most prominent drawing of Mohammad with a bomb in his turban, mr. Vestergaard. He was, after that, left without protection in his house. All he had was a kind of a security room. One day a man with an axe simply stepped into his house and started swinging away. By sheer luck, mr. Vestergaard got to the security room, and managed to ring the alarm. So the attacker started trying to force the door open, but was apprehended by the police ten minutes after. TEN MINUTES AFTER! Meanwhile the granddaughter of mr. Vestergaard was crying in the living room. So much for protection.

To me it comes down to the modus operandi of the police. They have stated it numerous times, it is not the protection of the constitution. No it is calm in the streets. Keep calm and go on, seems to be the motto. And if the intellectuals do not keep calm, but start making noise, well they tackle it, in cooperation with the islamists. By forcefully ridiculing them, and using the secret police to shut them up. At the same time they give the islamists free reign with the intellectuals, so that they can kill them at their own disposal. Lars Hedegaard, another famous islam critic, was almost killed a few years ago. The police had done absolutely nothing to protect him. You could easily find his address in the internet, there were no hotline, no saferoom, no anything. But after the attack, the police, benevolently left him a safe house, at his own expense! This has now lead to his economical ruin. So do not get me all this “we did not know” after the massacre of Charlie Hebdo. You knew, you even invited the islamists to kill the journalists, it was all your doing.

Perhaps it is truly time to let someone in the police know, that it is time to change course, and actually start protecting people, as is their job.

G-d bless the perseverance of the journalists and few remaining intellectuals, alive.

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