The rebirth of a nation

I truly believe, that in order for America to work, it needs its basic tenants of faith to be celebrated and used in practice.

When I have talked about American revolution, this is the idea. To take those ideas of America and use them again, a rebirth as a nation.

Then let us have a look on those ideas.

First of all, let us look at the foremost symbol of the United States of America, the Statue of Liberty.

One notices the crown on the head of the statue, and off cause the beacon.

That is American Democracy as it was envisioned in the beginning.

The crown is a symbol that is very old, it was used already in the time of the Hellenes, and was actually the symbol of Alexander the Great. It symbolizes the sun, and the sun symbolizes the enlightenment ideas of the Hellenes.

The sun was again a symbol of illumination, of finding and fighting for the truth.

Today we call it many things, transparency, good governance, human rights, freedom of speech, science and so on. But at the heart of the matter we have an idea that is conveyed through Plato mainly, and is called Neoplatonism.

The beacon is the same. A symbol of light.

In other words, the French gendarmes saw their newspapers and enlightenment ideas as a tool to create a new and more sound world.

They also wanted to recreate some of the ideas their ancestors the Vikings had of Democracy, so they, in a sense, combined these two things.

There you have it, enlightened Democracy. That is America.

A nation will only be great or strong, if it is strong in its faith.

So an American Revolution should be exactly that, to shed some light on all who are evil and wishes to do evil.

If you do that, the most puzzlesome things emerge. Often whom you think are the good guys are the bad guys, and vice versa. You cannot just continue with your presupposed ideas, you need to be absolutely honest.

But if you realize the enlightenment, use that amazing blaze of the goddes, you cleanse the world of sin.

That is the idea, and that is what happens, but very often this is a very painful process. The light is not necessarily soft and benign, it can be blinding and forceful, especially against those who do evil.

But that is really the task, to make America sound again, by being honest and straight in all matters.

G-d bless the United States of America.

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