The soul

In the Oxford Symposium, one of the greatest presentations, to me, was a presentation of the American singer song writer mr. Johhny Cash.

Johhny Cash is one of those iconic musicians whom define the very essence of what it is to be American.

I asked the two American gentlemen, whom presented the tale of mr. Johhny Cash how the situation is with the story of the Americans, the American dream and they repeatedly said, that it is in great trouble, the very SOUL of America is at stake.

That is a pretty steep assessment, and I must admit, that it kind of scared me a bit. I mean, here in the Obama camp we have been talking about unity and have talked all the good things about being American up. I mean mr. Barack Obama himself have just written an AMAZING book called Promised Land.

So we care, and we think about how to tackle this problem.

The whole talk about SOUL kind og inspired me to think about a Danish philosopher called Grundtvig, the founding father of Danish Democratic development, and he talked a lot about “The soul of the people”.

I think, that that is really what this is all about, if there is no soul of the people, things start to unravel, and we start at the alienation.

Maybe it is about time to talk about that beautiful soul that Johhny Cash tried so hard to sing alive. That promised land, that city at the top of the hill. Keep the flame alight for the next generations to come.

Because as anything else, souls need nourishment and sustenance to live.

It will only live, if the dreams are kept alive.

G-d bless the will to really reach The Promised land.

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