The temple of Solomon

Understanding ethics, or moral virtue, you need to see your life in the glow of spirituality.

One of the most splendid or indeed wonderful roots of ethics is the root of Phoenicia.

Phoenicia being an ancient culture of commerce, learning and spirituality.

When we jews erected the first temple of Israel, we were helped doing so, by the Phoenicians.

My point is, perhaps not only did the Phoenicians help us in a physical way, building the temple, but also gave us some of their wisdom.

The tree of Kabbalah has a pretty obvious reflection in the first temple by the two columns at the front of the temple, reflecting the two columns of the tree of life, which is a core ethical system of judaism.

So in order to understand the depth of the cabbalistic tree, we need to see it reflected in the phoenician world. They invented the tree, probably, as they inveted the very system I write with, the alfabet, they invented and commerce.

How were the Phoenicians? They were so peaceful. Their world was a world without any fighters, just walls to keep out the invaders.

This peaceful way of life, is the aim of judaism, if the kabbalistic tree is the foundation on which we build.

Remember, peace. But not a naive or uneducated peace. A peace that actually do work, as it did for millenia for the Phoenicians. A beautiful, lasting and wonderful peace, with abundance and happiness.

G-d bless the will to understand a way to find peace in this world.

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