The UK

It is with the most terrible feeling, that I see what is happening to the UK these days.

The UK is treated like a slave, and poor Mrs. May is not left with a chance to get a deal.

It was the same with Mr. Cameron. The reason why he was toppled was because the EU system did not want to play ball.

Listen, the United Kingdom is one of the greatest and most humane powers the earth has ever witnessed. It lifted humanity from scrabbling for a few scraps of food, to a dazzling civilisation.

This is what we are trying to enslave, by giving mrs. May no room to maneuver.

It is a sin, and a crying shame.

If I were Mrs. Merkel and Mr. Macron I would get on the phone with Mrs. May and ask her what she wants, and how we could do it.

Make a fair deal.

We all need a strong and confident UK when all this negotiations is over. We need the UK to be a powerhouse and a beacon of civilisation as it has the potential to be.

To humiliate the Brits will only get us one angry beast, that will tear out in desperation. A beast that powerful is not something you wish to fight.

So give them an opportunity to make a fair deal. At the same time, reform the system to a more simple and realistically functioning system a UN of Europe.

Then probably the UK will wish to join.

If we do not bind them, but just make a platform to communicate and make arrangements, then why not?

Lets perhaps have a look at ourselves, and see our own faults, instead of believing everybody else are to blame.

Set them free, and they will come back. That is an old proverb of love. And it is the same here.

You cannot chain the ones you love to yourself, but you can set them free, however difficult it is, and they will come back on their own terms.

G-d bless the will to find a fair deal for England.

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