The virtues of the US

There is a lot of wisdom in the US, and there is a lot of quality. Let us be honest about what the US is, and what we want it to continue to be.

It is a Protestant, democratic, humanistic country.

As an ideological idea, this is truly why we all love it, and why it is the IDEOLOGICAL leader of the world.

The world is good by the fact, that such a benevolent and humanistic power leads it.

Talking about the greatness in the US. It is not the material wealth or the technological development. These things are essentially just the effect of the IDEAS of the US.

Many American in the political world, especially in the Democratic Party loves Denmark. I get it, we are currently on the bleeding edge of political development. Or rather, I am.

But if I had to choose which country should lead the world, there would be no doubt in my mind, that it would be the US.

The idealism, the humanist spark, the dreams, the current development, that is good.

That is what should lead the world, not Denmark.

Point being, that the reason why I and so many other people around the world really respect and love the US. Is because it is a light on a top of a hill.

Don’t forget that, it is not Denmark that has all the best virtues and values, it is you guys.

I only happen to agree with you, because I am a platonic humanist like yourselves.

May G-d bless the United States of America.

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