The war of the classes

When Karl Marx initaited his amazing but frayed attempt to reconcile the different classes of the world into one, he forgot about a single, very important factor of human life; greed. Or, rather, he knew that greed is a motivator of people, so he thought that the abolishment of the right to own anything would stop the greed of the world. He was mistaken, the greed is still here, and it has morphed into a war of classes so devasting it is ripping the western world apart.

The netto result of the socialist experiment, today called socialdemocratic ideology, has not been a classless society as Marx dreamed about, it has been a society where the middle class tyrannizes the other two classes; the lower class and the upper class. The middle class is so strong that it has won all the central positions within media, bureaucracy and most of politics. The war is conducted through economical means and censureship.

The middle class tries to extract the highest amount of money to distribute, not to the poor people, but to themselves, thereby creating a corrupt “upperclass”, preying on the traditional upperclass. If the middle class had shown respect and veneration for the needs of the upperclass, we could have had equality, but propelled by greed, the middle class has sought to extract as much money from the rich as possible. The hippocracy is here the obvious discrepansy between argument and action. The argument for the middle class to take the money and the honour from the upperclass, has been the argument of equality, obviously the direct opposite has been the result. The middle class tyrannizes the upperclass with all the greed Marx tried to work out of mankind.

Looking at the way the middle class treats the intellectuals of the upperclass, the same picture is evident. The lack of respect for philosophy, the censureship of the serious intellectuals of the upperclass, the mean methods of destruction through apparent and repeated mediastorm, all portrays a class in disarray and corruption.

The lower class has been met by the same arrogance and disruption by the middle class as the upper class. The difference is in method. Where the upperclass is met by greed and censureship, the lower class is met by physical war. The insistence of ruining the world of the lower classes through immigration, is such a war. It is evident that the world of the lower classes has been seriously broken down. This breakdown is done with abhorrent means; violence, theft, criminal behaviour. The suffering of the lower classes has been met with an extreme arrogance by the middle class. They know that they are breaking down people who are very limited in ressources. Wreaking the havoc upon the happless people of the lower class, has been applauded and feasted upon by the middle class. Through their power over the state, the lower class has been raped and used.

Now, war is not a good thing, greed is not a good thing, the only way we can end this war, is by laying down our weapons. War is a choice, especially if the parts in the war are doing it with no good reason.

Stop it, do not revel in greed and arrogance anymore, show compassion, respect and love. Be honest, enlighten the world instead of fighting your neighbours. Be true to the ones who love you, even though you do not love him back.

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