The weapon of openness

It seems to me, that the complete cover up of my person in public life seems to be at an end. Took them 15 years. 15 years of prison, not physical prison but prison where I could not get a job, I was censored by all off media and so and so forth. 

Seen from an Obama perspective, what is really at stake here. 

To me, there is a relationship between openness and Change. 

Change is the further development of the society based on democratic discussion. 

You cannot Change anything unless you know what is bothering people, right?

That was the problem of Eliphas Levi and the French aristocrats. They didn’t listen to the people. 

Levi tried to call them, and make them conscious of the problems of normal Frenchmen. As I have been trying to with normal Americans. 

They are afraid of loosing a job, they care about security, they are worried about the lack of faith in the American dream. 

That dream of making a little spot for yourself by hard work. 

Now, you can censure things, as I have been a witness too. Myself and some of my friends. Encountering endless lawsuits to shut us up, or putting us in prison. You can do that, but how can you then know what is bothering the people?

We are the messengers of the plight of the people, especially the philosophers who live out here amongst the people. 

Now, there are some strange and honestly very worrying things going on on the right wing. Nazism having a come back at the fringes of politics. That is worrying. Me myself I have been hit on Facebooks by some of these scumbags. 

But instead of just censuring their ideas and thoughts. Perhaps we should try to understand what is going on?

We cannot just break down the borders, see crime spike to unbearable limits and then not expect a response. 

I didnt come up with all these no border policies, and honestly it has reached a limit, where borders should be reinstated again. Not unfairly, and not in an inhuman way. But keeping criminals and gangbangers out of the country is not a bad thing. 

So my point is, what Democracy needs, is that the politicians and other big wigs LISTEN to the worries of the people, and find ways to solve those worries. 

I will give you an example of true democracy, that may illustrate the point. 

Some thousand years ago in Denmark, we had too many people up here in the cold north, that we simply did not have the food necessary for all the mouths that needed feeding. 

That time, in the ancient time of the Vikings, true Democracy was what we had. 

So people came together at Thinge, and discussed the matter. First people decided to kill all the old and weak. But due to worries of inhumanity it was decided, that a large portion of the people should leave Denmark and go somewhere else. 

Perhaps that was the people of Angles creating the Anglo Saxons. 

Point is, that if you all truly discuss matters, then you can actually convince people to commit suicide, or find some other solution. 

The will of the people, done by the people, for the people is a very powerful thing. 

We have forgotten that. 

Tough decisions should be taken by the people themselves. We need to remember, that we only serve. 

Sometimes, as with mr. Trump. We on the liberal side do not agree with their choice, but hey, it is not us to choose mr. Trump. 

The people did. 

What we should do, is to come up with some good solutions on some of the problems that is out there. So maybe next time around, we can win the election. 

That is role we should take, to listen, and be open. 

That is the weapon of openess. 

Those who truly understand what people need, they win the elections. 

G-d bless the United States of America.

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