The will to fight

Things are really heating up in the West, terror attacks everyday. Ladies and gentlemen, we are at war. We are not at war as in the old days when nation states of immense power clashed on battlefields of a magnitude unbelievable. We are in the opposite; personal attacks, here and there, always with a moral aim. To subdue, to scare, to show supremacy.

This is a war with the dark sides of islam.

In the first and second world war there was a war in-between ideologies as well. Nazism, Communism, democracy.

In this war the ideological fault lines are more opaque, but they are there.

We need to stop asking our selves what we are fighting for and against, and start fighting. Stop being so much in doubt.

We need to start understanding, that we can put labels on, and we can stop. But, the main problem right now is not the ideological fault lines, it is the will to fight!

Stop being in disarray, and start to fight!

Be vigilant and strong.

G-d bless the will to remain steadfast in faith on our democracies and constitutions.

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