The workers of north

Well, there is a difficult discussion on how to do something for those brave workers communities that has been abandoned in north England.

What to do for them and so on and so forth.

It really worries me, that the simple need that these brave people truly craves has not been mentioned.

It is really quite simple. What does a jobdeprived, poor, stagnant workers community need. Well it is really quite simple. They need jobs.

It is all they really need. They are hardy, proud people. Proud of who they are, and what the do. Craftsmen and hardworking people.

When pops do not have a job, these people suffer.

The entire rebellion of Labour is about that. Proud strong people without a voice.

So all the training and all the infrastructure in the world will not help them. I mean what to train for, and where to go, if there are no jobs.

So, we need to understand, why these proud people are without jobs. Essentially it is because they loyalty between industrialists and country has been severed.

When, in former times, there was pride in the three words; made in the UK. Then proud workers would roam the streets of northern England. Producing and building.

But that patriotism has left the northern England, but has a possibility of a come back, if mr. Johnson sees fit.

This is THE secret behind the wirtschaftwunder of mr. Trump.

Bring back the jobs should be a motto. Talk to the shire tories who have money and have send their production to foreign shores. Talk to their patriotism and care for England. Give them tax cuts and appraisal.

Give them incentive.

In this ALLIANCE between tories and workers both can and will benefit.

Ok, we should not forget free trade, but at the other hand we should not forget the jobs that the workers need.

Give them jobs, and they will stay with the tories. If then Labour gets the same idea, they will have the same possibility for a come back.

It’s about the jobs, that is all there is to it.

G-d bless the will to help those brave souls of northern England.

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