The Yellow wests

What will the Yellow Vests do now?

From the beginning, the movement has been a thaw in the political landscape, a new movement across political lines, that mixes left and right in a new mix. 

First of all, it is not about racism or inhumanity. It is about caring for those workers who has been abandoned by the political establishment and now seek to prevent a catastrophe for the workers. 

A new political movement of the craftsmen. 

This new political movement will not accept being trodden upon or being abandoned. 

To see the needs of this new movement, we need to look deeper into the philosophy of the workers and understand where it went wrong. 

It is a fundamental flaw of Communism, that has brought France to this point of chaos. 

Communism is an idea of Sparta, that is the original ideal of the commune. 

When Karl Marx used this idea, he did some reinvention of Spartan ideology. Where Lycurgus (the philosophical founder of Sparta) underlined the importance of a closed political structure, Marx believed in internationalism. 

This is the core of the problem, national socialism as in what Hitler wanted was cruel in all ways. But it worked to some degree on a political level. 

My own family was hunted by the Nazies, so to be honest, I have no love for Nazies. But if you look at international Communism opposed to national communism, there is no doubt, that national communism was the most popular. My mentor, the freedom fighter of Denmark Tom told me so. He knew, he had fought the bastards his whole life. 

I believe, that a national community is what is needed to find a way out of this situation. 

But, I do not think it should be ruled by a dictator, it should be ruled by the people. 

In other words, I believe we should go back to the Spartan idea, and close the nation off from foreigners, and keep the state democratic. 

That is Social-democratism.

We have to flip some of the priorities around, but the ideas should be kept strictly social-democratic.

People like the islamists should be kicked out, and the Democratic rule should be upheld. 

But the state should still care for those who are weak.

G-d bless France and the Sixth republic.

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